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House Chores Planner Sticker Sheets

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These stickers are the perfect way to add fun and personality to your planner or journal spreads. Great for use when planning out your week, decorating your journal pages, or keeping track of the things you love!

Sticker sheet measures 3.97 x 5.84 inches and is printed on smooth, premium matte sticker paper. Each sticker sizes vary from 0.5 to 0.7 inches in height, which fit most planners and journals!


🧹 Wash Dishes Planner Sticker Sheet

🧹 Fold Laundry Planner Sticker Sheet

🧹 Iron Clothes Planner Sticker Sheet

🧹 Vacuum Sticker Sheet

🧹 Mop Planner Sticker Sheet

🧹 Trash Planner Sticker Sheet

🧹 Clean Kitchen Planner Sticker Sheet

🧹 Cleaning Day Planner Sticker Sheet

🧹 Change Bed Sheet Planner Stickers 

🧹 Laundry Planner Sticker Sheet

🧹 House Chores ~ Get All & Save 10%

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